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Let's Get The Party Started!

Hello Demo User. Welcome to the the wrks DJ hire Playlister

You can now get started on setting up the playlist for your party. Here's how to use the Playlister:

  • Selecting tracks

    Use the icons at the left of the Playlister to pick the era or type of music that you are interested in. The Playlister will then display our suggested list of tracks. When you see a track you like, just click the 'add' link under the track image and it will be added to your playlist. The link will change to 'In Playlist' once it has been successfully added. Change the type of music at any time by clicking another selection from the left hand icons. You are free to pick tracks from as many different musical types as you want - and in any order.
  • Your favourite not in the list ?

    We have over 1000 tracks available on the Playlister, taken from all the music we know has worked successfully at parties in the past. However, if you have any personal favourites that don't appear on our lists you can add them to your playlist by clicking the 'Add your Own Track' button. This will display a box which allows you to enter the track and artist name of your choice.
  • Viewing your Playlist

    The counter at the top left shows you how many tracks you have picked and how many you still have available. You can see how you playlist is looking at any time by clicking the 'View your playlist' button just below the counter. Don't worry if you add a track by mistake or change your mind - when you view your playlist you have the option to delete any that you don't want.
  • Sending us your playlist

    Once you have picked all your tracks you will be taken to the playlist screen to allow you a final review of the tracks for your party. You still have the opportunity to continue to revise your playlist if you want, but once you are happy, click the 'Send' button to submit your playlist to us.
  • You do not have to pick your playlist all at one go - just come back to the Playlister at any point using the link in the confirmation email we sent you, or alternatively bookmark this page now and use the bookmark when you want to pick up again. We hope you have fun picking your party playlist, but if you have a problem at any point, do not hesitate to use our contact page to get in touch.

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